Personal style.
Comprehensive work with your wardrobe:
from concept to implementation.
How can I specifically help you?
That's the first question I start with when working with each new client. I believe that there is no universal wardrobe. However, there are clear goals, occasions, and reasons why you have come to me, a professional stylist.

Our work will be divided into several stages.
On average, it takes about 2-2.5 months: we don't rush, we don't try to redefine all your notions of fashion and shopping in a few hours, and we don't strive to confine you within abstract boundaries.

We thoroughly and systematically work with your personal request.
Stages of work:
If necessary, services from each stage can be ordered separately.

Every wardrobe analysis I start with a deep interview. And this is the most important stage of my work. We find out how the new look should help you: feel more confident among colleagues, highlight career changes, or maybe look harmonious on camera while launching your own course.

Important: your request can be very specific ("Wine tasting outing," "Presentation performance," "Elegant rave," "Best friend's wedding"...).

Even more importantly, if during our conversation I realize that your specific request is not my expertise, I will be upfront and let you know.
Analyzing your wardrobe.

I am creating a comprehensive presentation with outfits, scenarios, and comments (usually around 30-40 slides).

At the core of my work lies the psychology of style. It helps to elegantly and organically blend your inner world with your outward appearance.

It's not a shopping spree, but a deliberate search for the exact things needed to achieve your goals. We're not trying to find everything in one place, but instead gathering truly unique pieces.
Goal Achievement.

You try on each outfit, and I explain, advise, adjust, and take photos.
My main goal is to not only give you a comprehensive library of looks but also a clear understanding of where, when, how, and why to wear each of these items.

So that in the future, you can quickly and easily find suitable pieces in your wardrobe without any worries or anxieties and create new outfits based on the knowledge you've gained.
Key principles of my work:
  • Strategy.
    We do not engage in the magic of transformation but achieve specific goals.
  • Softness.
    I am not a critic and not a judge. My task is to help you thoroughly understand the features of your appearance and in the future rely only on your opinion.
  • Moderation.
    Having moved to London from Russia, I quickly realized that one of the most difficult challenges for my clients is finding a balance between the desire to stand out and the desire to follow the rules of local etiquette.

    I understand perfectly well how loud your appearance should be during negotiations, at the opening of an exhibition and at dinner with your family. And I will be happy to share my knowledge with you.
I am trusted by professionals who care about how they look. We create strategically precise wardrobes
to achieve goals.

— Public speaking coach for large companies, as well as TEDx speakers


— Founder of breathing exercises for slimness in Russia and the CIS countries, TV presenter




— Restaurateur, public figure


— Founder of AVSociety, a company dedicated to creating luxury fashion events in London and around the world

— Interior designer, visiting teacher at the British School of Design


— Business coach, teacher at the British School of Design

— Co-founder of a creative agency in London, works with Disney, Nike, Smirnoff


Start with an interview:
This is a free consultation call where we find out how a new image should help you:
feel more confident among colleagues, highlight career changes, or perhaps look harmonious on camera during the launch of your course.
£ 2000

Full range of services:
From the very beginning to creating a big wardrobe library.

The working period is 2.5 months with full support, answers to questions, wardrobe analysis, development of a style line, online and offline shopping without counting hours.

We finish by incorporating new items into your wardrobe and creating your wardrobe library.

You always know what to wear. You have ready-made outfits for any occasion, from casual to formal.
£ 550

Development of a Style Line:

After our detailed communication, I create a comprehensive presentation with images, scenarios, and explanations for each slide. Online.

30-40 slides
70+ outfits

You know exactly what and where to buy, how to create looks. You understand which outfit will work for you in the best way and why.

You delve into the nuances of your new image and can manage it independently.
WhatsApp: +44 78 35 70 88 25
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